We focus on the complicated, so you don't have to.

Quality digital solutions made easy

At Carbon Pixel we use our expertise, experience and collaborative approach to shape and bring to life digital solutions. We design, build and implement quality solutions to an exacting standard.

Based in Cornwall, we help local businesses across Devon and Cornwall as well as across the UK and Europe.

Our Services

Website & Web App Development

Customer centric websites and apps to confidently deliver your message to your audience.

Using Umbraco to create bespoke website, we focus on usability, stability, search engine optimisation & optimised content creation.

Bespoke Software Development

Creating tailor made solutions to fit your business requirements.

From scoping and specification to UX design, prototyping and incremental development, we can support all your development needs.

Digital & Social Media Marketing

Online marketing & social media strategies to engage & communicate with your clients.

From strategy & planning to content creation and deliver, we can manage your marketing or empower you through training.

Digital Learning

Creating digital learning experiences to engage and impart knowledge to a variety of audiences.

From school educational resources to improving the health of the general public, we can create content that tells your story.

Interactive Experiences

Through the use of immersive technologies as well as 3D, touch technology and animated story telling, we can engage your audience with innovation and creativity.

Our only limitation is your ideas.

Bespoke Solutions

We tailor all our services to meet the needs of our clients whether it's a new website with supported marketing for launch, or a long term relationship as your offsite development team.

We work to support you in the best way we can. 

Looking for help with your digital solutions?

Carbon Pixel Core Values

Honesty & Integrity





Being honest and behaving with integrity is key driver for us as a business to build trust with staff and clients alike. We will communicate openly and honestly, listen and respond to your needs and take responsibility for our actions.

Innovation is core to our business in the way we work with and manage our staff to how we architect, build and deliver our solutions. Without innovation, we cannot strive to do more and to do better, to take a complex problem and provide a simple solution so we will look to challenge the norms and evolve with moving digital world.

Collaboration with staff and clients is key to healthy, well regard business. Collaborating with staff to ensure continuous improvement in our process and management is key to a happy, productive and engaged workforce. Collaborating with our clients is the key to creating a successful digital solution, well received and easily adopted solution. Valuing all ideas, opinions and experiences ensures we can always reach the best solution.

As a business ensuring we are striving towards excellence and always doing our best as individuals is key to ensure our solutions are the best they could possibly be both internally and for our clients.

We recognise the importance of deadlines and your priorities become ours.

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