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Project Info:

Callington CIC put out a tender request on social media for an experienced provider to create a community listing and event website.

We put together a comprehensive quote based on an affordable solution using a WordPress template, which successfully won the tender.

We then worked with the CIC to create a simple look and feel along which would be easy to use on mobile.

We adapted a WordPress template to offer additional functionality within the budget. This included a log-in area for listing owners where they could review messages and statistics related to their listing visits.

Creating a scalable website was important so that in the future we can easily implement reviews functionality and a paid or premium listing mobile.

We continue to support Callington Town Council with the management of the website and enjoy watching it grow with local businesses and events.

Feedback from some of the users to date:

" Just completed it - nice and really easy! And the site looks great!! Perfect to navigate - it will be a great success!! Yay 🙂"

"A great resource - just added ... - thank you!"

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