Outlook South West

  • Completed on: Spring 2020
  • Skills: Graphic Design; Elearning
  • Client: Outlook South West
Healthy Options 1
Healthy Options 3
Healthy Options 2

Project Info:

Outlook South West provide a Healthy Options programme which supports the mental health of people with long term conditions.

Part of their support include a number of face to face workshops, but attending these workshops is not always easy from some remote areas in Cornwall, so the decision was made to transform some of the content into online learning which could be access from anywhere.

We worked with Outlook South West to create a simple style which would enhance the learning points. Following the provision of a script, we then storyboarded the "workshops" creating simple graphics, animations and quizzes. The client provided the voice over which will then added to the learning along with supporting assets, for example, PDF downloads. 

We then put this all together in a SCORM compliant format so that the content could be uploaded into any compatible Learning Management System (LMS).

In addition we were able to output the 3 online workshops into individual videos, which although does not allow the quiz interactivity and downloads, does enable the content to be viewed by a wider audience.

Here is a workshop 1:

Here is the link to workshop 2:

Here is the link to workshop 3:


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