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Project Info:

We were asked by the re-FISH charity to support them with the marketing of their Summer Road Trip aiming to raise awareness of the danger experienced by Bangladesh fishers due to being under equipped. The charity takes unwanted and unused fishing gear, repurposes it and ships it out to those in need.

Although time was limited, we created a social media campaign and email out reach campaign to local councils, harbours, businesses and others who may want to know more about the charity or donate.

Combined with support from existing contacts, the campaign was able to get air time on Radio Cornwall, able to establish new, permanent collection hubs and attracted the following donations:

  • 400+ life jackets
  • 3 lif rafts
  • 4 TPAs
  • 1 Drogue
  • 1 Radar Reflector
  • 2 pairs of Safety Boots


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