Vale of Avalon

  • Completed on: Summer 2020
  • Skills: Digital Marketing
  • Client: Vale of Avalon
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Project Info:

The owners of The Vale of Avalon (formerly known as The Arthurian Centr), contacted us to help them with their social media presence. Their site is set in 16 acres surrounding 'King Arthur's Stone' and is filled with historical archaeology discoveries. Not a straight forward visitor attraction, they approached us to help them determine how the attraction should be marketed.

We worked with them to analyse their existing visitors and determine who they wanted to attract; we were then able to segment their visitors in order that we could create a strategy with a strong online messaging to appeal to their audiences.

We worked with them to create images for their main social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram as well as researched other directories and low cost advertising opportunities which give maximum exposure.

We helped them market a Halloween event for families with young children by using the right image and language to target young families.

Unfortunately the project has been hampered by COVID but the client was able to open for the summer/autumn of 2020.

The client was really happy with how their social media presence had improved and how their audience engagement had risen over the few months.

We are now looking forward to working with them again when they re-open for Spring 2021 and will looking now at their website along side supporting them with a strategic approach to marketing as well as the daily posts and engagement.

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