Skur Boats

  • Completed on: Feb 2021
  • Skills: WordPress
  • Client: Skur Boats
Skur Boats 1
Skur Boats 2

Project Info:

Debbie and Colin of Skur Boats contacted us to help them improve their online presence. They hand craft wooden and composite material rowing boats which are sent all over the UK to rowing clubs and enthusiast.

The high quality of the boats they produce was not reflected on their website, so they asked if we could help them update their online presence.

It was key that the website was able to showcase the boats in large imagery, but also to accommodate the fact that large quality imagery was not always easy to obtain.

We worked to create a website where each type of boat can be showcased but also supported with smaller imagery. We included areas to provide relevant information about the boats and a simple order form to a interested party could instantly register their interest.

We also advised on how they should be approaching their social media to garner interest and obtain more enquiries.

Debbie and Colin are really happy with their website to which traffic has already doubled in the first 2 months.

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