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Project Info:

Mel Forsyth approached us to assist when her custom-built WordPress website was struggling with speed and usability issues. Mel was looking for an affordable solution which would enable her to showcase and sell her own as well as curated products, as well as tell her story.

Our first piece of advice was to take down the existing website whilst we worked on it and replace it with a landing page to capture interest and start to build an engaged, email marketing list.

We then worked with Mel to choose a WordPress template that would meet the initial needs for her eCommerce website - to showcase and sell her products. To keep costs down, we undertook to reuse and optimise the existing WordPress and WooCommerce structure and just replace the front end.

We also worked with a theme which used smaller imagery but that we could easily update in the future, when larger, higher quality imagery is available.

We advised Mel on a huge array of topics to support her website from keyword research to optimising her product images and language to ensure her new website had the best chance of being found by Google and clicked on by visitors.

With an audience base built from a social media pushed to the landing page, we were then able to create an email marketing campaign to raise awareness of both Mel's physical shop in Plymouth as well as build a buzz for the online store.

Following the new website launch, website traffic is steadily growing, supported by Mel's own strategy for social media of regular posting a variety of content types including offers and competitions as well as lifestyle imagery.

The search ranking for some of the key terms for which we have optimised the website is also growing fantastically. We've already overtaken some of the more well-established brands in this sphere.

To support it all we also designed a printed flyer to be handed out at local events to raise awareness for those that may not be online.

An eCommerce website is always evolving with new content and products, as well as techniques to encourage purchases, so we look forward to continuing support for this great brand and website.

If you have similar issues with a website being slow or not generating as much traffic as you would like, please get in touch for a friendly no-obligation chat.

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