Woof n Hoof

  • Completed on: Summer 2019
  • Skills: Branding, WordPress, Social Media
  • Client: Woof n Hoof
Woof n Hoof Stationary design
Woof n Hoof website
Woof n Hoof Logo options

Project Info:

Charlie came to us wanting to start her own business doing what she loved and we love nothing more than working with passionate people; the added bonus - her business was all about dogs and horses!

We created a number of logos, with the chosen one using a simple outline/negative space image combining the heads of a horse and a dog - I think you'll agree it looks great.

As a start-up business, Charlie was looking for a cost-effective website which she could manage herself as well as the ability to understand how to optimise her social media.

We suggested using a customised WordPress website template and providing a series of social media training sessions to get her started.

We conducted a keyword research exercise to understand the language we should be using for her brand on the website to ensure it was completely optimised for search engines.

In addition, as part of Charlie's business start-up package, we held a series of 1 to 1 social media training sessions to help her determine a strategy for her social media activity as well as the type of content to post and how that content should look.


We ended up collaboratively creating a 3-month content planning and ensuring Charlie had the skills and apps need to create great posts, schedule content and review stats. We will also support Charlie when she wants to create her first paid social media advert.

Charlie's website has been well received and her ranking on Google is improving daily. Her social media posts are getting engagement and the number of "brand advocates" she is building is steadily growing.

In due course, we will also design a bespoke flyer Charlie but are biding our time to create this so that we can use the language and talk about the issues that we categorically know is resonating with Charlie's audience.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with someone so knowledgeable and passionate about her work, who also quickly took on board and understood how to keep her brand professional, consistent and visible.

Good luck Charlie - we're now wanting your services too!

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