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Arelle Website Design
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Project Info:

In collaboration with Arelle, a provider of quality incontinence products, Carbon Pixel undertook the task of revamping their website to enhance user experience, improve product accessibility, and solidify Arelle's online presence. The primary objective was to create a digital platform that not only showcases Arelle's products but also educates visitors about their benefits.

We Implemented a fresh, accessible design with intuitive navigation to help users easily find and explore Arelle's product range. The design is responsive, ensuring optimal viewing across various devices.


To integrate the shop we enhanced the website with robust e-commerce functionality, including a secure shopping cart, user-friendly product pages, and streamlined checkout processes, facilitating a smooth online shopping experience for customers.

We Crafted a comprehensive content strategy focused on educating users about Arelle's products and their uses. This included optimising content for SEO to improve organic search visibility and attract more targeted traffic to the site.

Finally we implemented custom features, such as product comparison tools and search filters, to enhance the shopping experience. Prioritised accessibility to ensure the website is navigable and usable for all users.

The Arelle website combines ease of use with comprehensive product information and secure e-commerce capabilities. The project resulted in increased website traffic, higher engagement rates, and improved sales conversions.

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