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Project Info:

The client approached us with her business idea to capitalise on her knowledge and experience of the charity sector by providing affordable workshops and membership to an affordable support network.

With a number of ideas in mind for a logo and a potential name, we started the process with a collaborative naming exercise to get to the root of her business aspirations, services and audience.

This exercise allowed us to refine all our ideas, clarify the offering and define a number of concepts with company names to start initial work on.

With Robin letting his creative process flow, we were able to present back to the client a descriptive narrative and imagery for three ideas.

Following a period of discussion and review, a clear winner, the chameleon, was decided on with the supporting and descriptive, professional business name of The Charity Knowledge Hub.

Vibrant colours were used to support the logo and an accompanying message of Empower/Learn/Adapt was added to reiterate the company ethos.

We then were able to design the stationery and marketing assets including roller banner, flyer and even an A3 desk planner.

With regards to the website, we worked with the client to create a solution from an off the shelf WYSIWYG website builder providing our input on best practice and optimisations as much as is possible within the solution.

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