What Is Content Marketing?

What Is Content Marketing?

Online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing. What are they all and how do you choose? We’ve created a series of posts to explain some common terms.

In a nutshell, content marketing is concerned with creating and sharing valuable content online to attract a specific audience. i.e. creating a blog post and sharing a link to it on Twitter, or streaming an informative webinar for small business owners on best practices on Facebook Live. Isn’t this also so social media marketing? Well, yes kind of - I know it is all confusing!

With content marketing, you are sharing your expertise and knowledge in your content rather than directly advertising your brand or business. You’re providing your visitors with relevant and useful information which appeals to your audience's needs or solves a problem they have. 

By consistently sharing this type of engaging and informative content, you start to gain a reputation as an expert, a problem solver and a credible resource in your industry. From there, your visitors see your value and want to work with or buy from you.

We like this article from Marketing Solved on the difference between the content and social media marketing.

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