5 Tips On Using Facebook For Your Social Media Marketing

5 Tips On Using Facebook For Your Social Media Marketing

As of the second quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2 billion monthly active users - so that's an audience you don't want to miss, no matter what your business is.

We share our tips on getting the most out of Facebook:

1. Use a Facebook Page for your business

Make sure you have a Facebook Page for your business, not a personal profile. It goes against Facebook Terms of Service (see 4.2 and 4.4) to have more than one profile page as well as to use a profile page for commercial gain. A Facebook Page allows you far more functionality for marketing your business and the content is not limited to just those who follow you, it can be found by anyone. Here's a helpful guide from Facebook on setting up a page for your business.

2. Great imagery

Create a profile pic that's easily recognisable to your brand. Create a really engaging image for the cover and don't be afraid to add very simple messaging. When posting content make sure you use images or videos - visual content gets considerably more shares that text-only posts. Try to make sure that all the imagery you post is consistently recognisable to your business and of a high quality. Finally, take into account the recommended dimensions for images which you can find here.

3. Use Facebook Calls to Action

Make sure to add a call to action that Facebook makes available.  This could be a Learn More button with a link to your website to drive more traffic or a Call Now button with a tap to make a phone call to make it quick and simple for someone to get in touch.

4. Complete the About section

Make sure you complete the About section to give visitors more information about your business. Consider it an area to give a quick overview of who you are and your ethos so visitors really start to get an insight into your business.

5. Consider using Facebook Business Manager

By using Facebook Business Manager, you can keep the management of your business page away from your personal account. You can also delegate management of your page via the manager. It's best to use this method when working with an agency to manage your Facebook activity. To find out more see check out this great detailed post Facebook Business Manager Guide.

For all social media posting:

Consider using a management tool

Review the analytics of your posts

Take note of which posts get the most traction and create more as follow-ups or do a series on the same topic.

Post at the right time

Post when you know the channel is most active. To start with use a guide like thisfrom Hubspot. Over time you will be able to figure out the best time for your audience from your own stats if you start to vary the time.