What Is Digital Marketing?

What Is Digital Marketing?

Online marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing. What are they all and how do you choose? We’ve created a series of posts to explain some common terms.

The Google dictionary definition for marketing is the promotion and selling of goods and services. Another is “...the process of teaching consumers why they should choose your product or service over your competitors.” (1)

So leading on, digital marketing is promoting your goods and services using digital technology.

The methods you can use to deliver your digital marketing message vary greatly from your own website and ensuring it’s optimised for search engines to creating great content on your blog. There’s also pay per click advertising, social media, podcasts mobile apps, digital signage and even digital TV and radio and much more.

So isn’t digital marketing also online marketing?  Not strictly, online marketing generally refers to marketing where your visitor needs an internet connection - this doesn’t strictly apply to say mobile apps, that can be used offline, or digital signage which you may just consume in a waiting room.

At Carbon Pixel we concentrate our efforts around our website making sure we continually analyse and optimise for search engines. We also create helpful, engaging content which is often referred to as inbound marketing (See our series of blog posts on inbound marketing). We use our social media channels to share our content across the web as well as sharing content of others that are complementary to ours or relevant to our customers.

Digital marketing is a great, cost-effective way for any business to promote it products or services. To maximize the returns on your digital marketing, you need to have a strategy which appeals to your customers.  You also need to monitor your activity so you can measure the returns it brings you.

If you would like help with your digital marketing, whether it’s understanding who your customers are, creating a strategy or content updates, please get in touch for a no obligation chat on 01752 651414.