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What is web design?

By: Antonia Lowther
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I am a digital project manager. I’ve worked for professional services firms, large creative agencies and now here at a small web design company - I’ve seen a lot of web designs.

To me, at the simplest form, “web design” means the arrangement of functions, colours, typography, graphics, content and more on a web page to enable the website user to have the best experience in terms of usability and aesthetics.  

This “arrangement” also needs to factor in the current requirements for search engine optimisation as well as how the “arrangement” differs from a large wide screen monitor down to a phone.

For business websites, then there is the consideration of user journeys to make sure your website delivers results and converts enquiries to sales.

These paragraphs nowhere near explain the complexity of web design but do allude to the multiple elements that need to be considered. There are plenty more.

Web design is a skill and a craft that takes time to learn, a passion to implement and experience to produce unique designs over and over.

We are lucky that our Lead Designer, Dave, has knowledge, experience and credibility. He has worked on numerous big name brands from the BBC, Babcock, PwC, Carnival Cruise Liners, UK Parliament and more. He is passionate about creativity with the ability to enthuse and inspire the clients we work with.

If you would like a bespoke design solution or chat some ideas with Dave, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us



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