4 Key Digital Marketing Stats For Your Business

4 Key Digital Marketing Stats For Your Business

Digital marketing, if you're not doing it, you're missing out. There are hundreds of statistics out there to support why digital marketing is so great for small business, but we think these 4 give a great overview.

3.5 billion searches a day(1that's how many searches Google is processing. 

Delving deeper we know that 70% of people first learn about a product, that they then buy, from online research(2), so these massive search figures comprise a lot of people with an intent to buy.

If even just a smidgen of that traffic came your way, that's a lot of traffic that could be learning about your services or products, engaging with your business and ultimately making a purchase.

On that basis, the next issue is making sure you are being found by Google as well as the other search engines - yes, there are others!

This optimisation is so important that 61% of marketers are focusing on improving SEO(3) as their top digital, and specifically inbound marketing priority.

To be in with a chance of attracting this traffic, small businesses need to be focusing on this too as part of their digital marketing strategy. Yes, strategy, without a strategy all your digital marketing efforts could easily be missing the mark.

49% of businesses are doing digital marketing with no defined strategy(4which means half of all businesses are not marketing effectively.  This is an opportunity for small businesses to get ahead and create a strategy so they can start marketing effectively. A strategy gives you focus, consistency and valuable information so you can analyse which of your efforts work best and then optimise them.

Whilst these are only 4 stats amongst the millions out there, these illustrate a path that buyers take and what you need to do to reach them.

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