Tips On Inbound Marketing

Tips On Inbound Marketing

The final post in our series gives you a few tips on implementing inbound marketing for your business.

The previous posts in this series will have given you a little insight into what inbound marketing is.

The following is a small list of things to get you started on the right track:


The very first thing you need to do is to work out who you are selling to. These are your Buyer Personas and represent a fictional person who represents an ideal customer. Further detailed explanation with a list of templates can be found on this helpful resource I found here


Having worked out your ideal audience, you the need to create a strategy to support and engage with that audience. Your strategy will need to comprise the keywords your audience uses, the channels they engage with, the times they engage, the problems they face and the topics you intend to write about to attract them.


Make sure your website is fully and correctly optimised for search engines.That you have the ability to create visual and engaging blog content and that you can, when necessary, collect certain data from your visitors (most importantly email addresses) in return for helpful and supportive content.


Start creating content using clear and concise language. Make sure you add imagery to your post and start sharing across on your website and accross your social media.  Make sure you review your statistics on when your content is cosumed the most and use this to time your delivery.


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