Umbraco & Why Its Our CMS Of Choice

Umbraco & Why Its Our CMS Of Choice

We use Umbraco as our preferred CMS and here we explain why we like this solution best.

Our Content Management System (CMS) of choice is Umbraco which is an open source, free to use system, with a great community, as well as add ons and themes. You can read more about Umbraco on their website.

Umbraco is based on Microsoft’s framework launched in 2005 so is well established in the market place.

The use of .net makes Umbraco an extremely secure and stable platform on which to create a website.  Umbraco is also highly scalable so as your business needs grow, so too can your website.  Heinz, Carlsberg and SanDisc are just some of the big names who use Umbraco to power their websites.

We have worked with numerous content management systems, including the most popular, WordPress. Whilst we have and will continue to develop WordPress sites when requested, we feel our clients are better placed with Umbraco.

The main reasons we like Umbraco are:

  • It is secure and stable
  • Expanding the core functionality is quick and simple  to code with no requirement to install plugins
  • Its easily scalable so a small website can grow without having to be replaced
  • The plugins that are available are written in a typesafe language
  • Adding content is simple and logical, there is no additional clutter and it works great on a mobile device
  • It supports multilingual websites
  • You can schedule content to publish or unpublish at a given time
  • It has version control so you can roll back your content if you make a mistake
  • It starts life as a blank canvas built to your specification with no superfluous code to slow down your pages
  • It keeps its core up to date and secure by releasing upgrades throughout the year
  • It publicizes a clear roadmap so we can anticipate when these upgrades will be released

If you would like us to design a website for you with a secure and scalable Umbraco CMS, please do not hesitate to get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote at [email protected].


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