Blog Writing - Hard Sometimes, Isn't It?

Blog Writing - Hard Sometimes, Isn't It?

Writing helpful blogs for business is part of life for successful digital marketing, but it's not always easy. We took a break from it to refresh and found some great tools to use when we get back to it. Writing blog articles isn't always easy. There's a lot to remember to get it right (How to make your content appealing) and sometimes you just hit a brick wall.

I admit over this balmy British August (?) I have struggled to find topics and even string together sentences which are engaging or even make sense.

So I've given myself a bit of a break. I've not posted as many articles and I've tweaked old ones. I've retweeted and shared other content rather than my own. I'm not going to beat myself up over this. I'd rather share meaningful content, than drivel just because our marketing strategy says so.  If I start to post poor content, I will undo all the good work to date, putting off our visitors and losing credibility.

I'm not going to abandon our marketing strategy though, I've tweaked that too. For our content to stay fresh, I need this little break; in fact, I'm even going to build in a break to next year's strategy for the very purpose of a refresh.

I've also spent time looking at tools to make blog writing easier. Whilst there is no magic formula, I've found these two which will really help me when I start writing more regularly again.

 Blog Topic Generator - you enter 3 nouns and it gives you a selection of blog titles

 Hemingway Editor - you paste in your blog content and it immediately highlights difficult sentences, advises on alternative words and gives a reading score.

Plus I always use an online thesaurus to make sure that I try not to overuse words or terms I am comfortable familiar au fait with too often.