Carbon Pixel: In Detail

Carbon Pixel: In Detail

Who are we and why should we build your website? Get a little more background on all of us, including the dogs!


Carbon Pixel was formed in 2012 by Shane when he was asked to work alongside a Danish company to provide website design and development skills for a new web product to be sold to the global insurance market.

Shane was quickly joined by Dave who brought his creative design skills to the company complementing Shane’s technical skill.  Shane and Dave were also contacted by previous employers to continue to provide web and elearning asset design as well as providing branding and websites to small businesses.

Initially located in Plymouth at the Plymouth Science Park, they soon moved to larger office space in Saltash to enjoy the peace and tranquility of Cornwall just 10 minutes further on. 

In July 2016, Antonia joined the company to undertake all the business administration as well as to grow the local business market, get the Carbon Pixel name out there and project manage the workload.

Alongside us are a trusted group of freelancers, who we work with as and when the need arises.

All 3 of us have previously worked for a London digital agency, where we were fortunate enough to work on some amazing brand names from Audi, Volkswagen, BBC, Channel 4, Babcock and the European Parliament to name a few.

What we learnt from these big brands and the approaches we took are what we now apply when we are working with micro and small businesses.  We combine this insight with the most up to date technology to ensure your website gives your business the results it needs.

Not to be forgotten are our resident dogs, Dottie, and the newest member, Logan.  Two whippets who help keep us calm us and sane(?) when things get busy.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like any advice or support, or even if you just want to come see the whippets!