Making Your Website Content Shareable

Making Your Website Content Shareable

If you have a library of great content on your website, but no sharing links, you're missing a trick.

Someone really engaging with your content will want a quick and easy way to share it with their friends, colleagues and followers - it's what we do today. We share our knowledge be it a funny whippet video (is that just me?) or a helpful article on subject lines for email marketing, we like to share we see, learn and know.

This sharing of content is an amazing way to increase your reach and brand awareness. First off it's zero effort for you - if you have great content the visitors will come and they will share and you can sit back and watch. There literally is nothing for you to do (other than making sure the sharing process is easy). And second, it costs nothing. It really is a win, win.

Sharing can be done by copying and pasting URLs if that's relevant - but that takes effort which we know is often missing from internet users! Also, you can’t easily track content shared in this way.

On our website, we have added tools to our Work and Blog pages, that allow a user to easily (one click) share our content to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  The functionality on our Work pages sets an image and text of our choosing when the share is clicked. We can then track the shares through the relevant platforms to see where our content is going.

Even if a user does copy/paste a URL, we have set a default image and text to be displayed, to make the process as effortless as possible.

This also allows us to work out what content is popular and what isn't. Content that gets lots of love is obviously hitting the mark, so we know to keep creating content on that and similar topics. Content that's neglected doesn't meet anyone's needs, so we adapt and update until it does feel some love, or change the tone and topic.

If you would like help making your content shareable or even creating engaging content, please do not hesitate to get in touch [email protected].