How to make your content appealing

How to make your content appealing

Making your content appealing is vital for getting it out there and shared on social media. We offer some tips.

Here are just a few tips to make your content appealing:

1. Catchy headline
Without a catchy headline you won’t attract a reader. Your headline needs to be short yet convey quickly the basis of the content.  Research shows numbers, a how to or a question are good ways to attract your readers I chose “How to make your content appealing” but I could have chosen “5 ways to make your content appealing” or  “Is your content appealing?”.

2. Imagery
Use distinctive imagery or illustration to enhance your content. Try to avoid the obvious use of stock images and come up with something clever and distinctive.  We try to create a new illustration for every article - it’s unique, bespoke to us and stands out.

3. Concise & simple
Make your sentences, paragraphs and entire piece succinct. Try to avoid rambling on and repeating the same points in different ways. Make it simple and easy to understand. Rarely these days do people have the time or the inclination to work out a deeper meaning.

4. Useful & engaging
Make your content useful to your reader. Offer advice or tips; provide a solution to a problem they may have.  Ask questions to provoke thought in your reader. Make it engaging so they stay the course and if you can make it funny too, well, jobs a good’un.

5. Calls to action
Add calls to action to your content.  For example, "get in touch to ask questions" with links to your contact information to make it easy for your readers to reach you or "click to learn more" to direct your reader elsewhere on your blog or website to keep them engaged with you.

6. Add share options
When you start creating great content, people will want to share it. The more shares the wider the reach so you need to enable your readers to work as your promoter too. Take a look at our article Making your content shareable which explains how we allow sharing.

So if you read this far, it worked! If you need help with your content, don't hesitate to get in touch [email protected]