Landing Pages - What Are They?

Landing Pages - What Are They?

We explain what landing pages are and how using them on your website can help your business.

Researching this article, we found landing pages can mean different things to different people.  One very simple definition was a web page which allows someone to access a website or a particular section of a website. Makes sense.

In online marketing terms we found landing pages, more often, defined as a targeted web page where an offer of something is made in return for contact details. For example, entry to a competition or a informative download for the cost of a name and email address.  You then start to turn your anonymous visitors into identifiable contacts. Those identifiable contacts can then be nurtured into becoming leads and ultimately, a paying customer.

These pages are often referred to as lead generating landing pages.  You usually see them as part of an online marketing campaign, for example, as a link in  an email, a PPC advert or a social media advert.  That’s not to say that these types of pages can't just exist on your website, they can, but to make them effective, you need to ensure you direct the right people to them. That's people genuinely interested in your product or service.

Lead generation landing pages should follow a very simple design to include an image, a catchy headline and a targeted description, which is short, succinct and salesy in tone.  The page needs to make very clear the benefit the visitor can expect in return for that valuable contact information The benefit could be a brochure download, a helpful checklist, a discount code - whatever appeals to your audience.  Remember, though less is best when asking visitors to part with information.

Once your visitor has parted with their contact details, you then have a lead who you already know has an interest in what you have to offer. Combine with a campaign to nurture that lead and you can convert to a paying customer in no time. 

If you would like to understand how landing pages can help your business or would like to implement these on your website, please get in touch [email protected], alternatively, please visit our small business website design page to see how we could help you.