Instagram targets Gen Z

Instagram targets Gen Z

It’s no surprise that TikTok is the most popular social media platform for Gen Z users, with 76% using the platform in 2023. (1)

TikTok and Instagram have been battling for a while, and there may be some similarities between both platforms, with Instagram’s launch of reels and both using visual content. TikTok is known for helping Gen Z become creators by enhancing socialising opportunities with group dance challenges and following trends. (2)

Celebrating its 13 years of existence, Instagram is now introducing some fresh tools significantly designed for Gen Z users. During the “Instagram University” event hosted by Instagram’s VP and cohead of product, Ashley Yuki revealed the platform’s intention to launch four new features targeted at Gen Z users. (3)

Instagram’s primary focus is on appealing to users aged 16-25, a demographic increasingly drawn to TikTok. These features were created out of feedback from Gen Z users, who desire more authentic content on the platform. 

Let’s have a look at the four features:

Multiple close-friend groups

This feature is to allow people to share stories with multiple friend groups. The user can name these multiple groups and pick which friends can view the story. This enables the story to be seen by who they want to see it, rather than all their followers. 


Birthday shout-outs

 This will be a fun tool to make it easier for users to share content in celebration of a birthday, as well as reminders that it’s someone’s birthday. Yuki said we like to hype each other up on special occasions. (3)


Audio snippets for the Notes feature

You may have noticed in the DM section your followers can write little notes at the top of the page. This is for people who may not want to post an image to their story or want to post quick updates. Audio notes are becoming more popular by the day to save time in typing. 


Selfie video via Notes

For those who don’t want to post to stories, there’s a new place to do that via notes. This feature can allow users to record and share a 15-second voice recording for friends to listen to, accompanied by a selfie video. 


Instagram wants to be a place where Gen Z users can be “creative and connect with friends, to share what’s on your mind that feels most comfortable,” Yuki said. (3)

We are excited to see where this goes with Instagram and if Gen Z users will interact with the platform with these new features in place. 



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