5 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

5 Things Every Small Business Website Needs

There are so many elements of a website, we list 5 key elements your small business website needs.


Having your contact information clearly displayed and easily accessible from every web page is key.  Any barrier to preventing a visitor contacting you, may lead to them contacting a competitor.

Not only do 44%(1) of website visitors tend to abandon a website if there is no contact information and this lack of detail annoys visitors(2) and could deter them from buying from you.


A call to action is something to induce your visitor to do more, for example, call now, learn more, email us. These are all common buttons or links you will have seen on a website.

It’s important for your website to have obvious calls to action so that you can draw your visitors in.

You can use calls to action to help visitors get in touch (Call now), see what your customers say (Read reviews), find out about your business (Learn more), see related information (View more like this) and sell products/services (Buy now).

Making these links obvious will give more opportunities to impress your visitor.


It's highly likely that a significant percentage of users will be accessing your website on a mobile device.  Over a quarter of our visitors visit from either a mobile phone or tablet.

If your website isn't optimised to give those users a great experience, that’s a significant market you could be losing.

Whilst the conversion of a lead to a customer is far higher on a desktop than a mobile device, its likely that initial research could be done on a mobile device. If a visitor’s first engagement with you is hindered by a slow website, that doesn’t work on a mobile, the likelihood of them coming back is low - even if your website is great on a desktop.


Visitors expect to find what they want on websites, quickly and easily.  If they can’t, they leave it's as simple as that.

Simple, consistent navigation will ensure your visitors can easily browse your website without getting lost or frustrated.  A good experience will build credibility with your visitors, it will keep them engaged on your website and get them coming back - returning visitors are more likely to buy from you.


If you can’t analyse your website you are losing vital information about what is and isn’t working for your visitors. Google Analytics or other packages allow you to glean vital insightful information.

Views per page, bounce rates and average session duration can all help you identify what pages have engaging content, what pages don’t and how engaging your website is as a whole. Analysing all this data regularly can help you optimize your website for your visitors giving them a great experience.

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