Why Your Website Needs To Do More Than Look Pretty!

Why Your Website Needs To Do More Than Look Pretty!

A great looking website is so important for capturing your visitors' attention, but a great small business website needs to do even more than look good.

- A great looking website is a must for capturing visitors and keeping them engaged on your website but a great looking website is no good if no one ever goes to it.

If your website isn’t optimised for search engines, speed and mobile devices, you reduce the number of visits you can expect to get.

If search engines can’t find and index you correctly, you won’t be returned in those all-important searches.

If you are found and clicked on, but your website is slow to load, your users won’t wait they’ll move on to the next result.

If your website isn't optimised for mobile and the experience is difficult for mobile users, you’re turning off all those visits from the ever-growing mobile audience.

- A great looking website is a must for engaging with visitors but if you aren’t capturing analytics, you can never evolve the website to be even better.

If you regularly review the analytics of your website, you can continually improve your offering to them.

If your home page looks great, but your bounce rate is high, your visitors aren’t getting what they need from the home page - you can use this data to optimise the page.

If your visitors aren’t moving around your site, you could deduce your navigation isn’t clear or you aren’t including enough cross-site linking and related content on each page. 

- A great looking website is a must for converting visitors to paying customers, but if you aren’t capturing any information on your visitors, you can’t know if they are becoming paying customers.

For your website to show a return on your investment in it, you need to be capturing details of your visitors. Initially, this starts with anonymous analytics, but this can grow to identifiable details.>

If you are able to offer your visitors something worthy of their email address, say a  helpful checklist or a PDF download of a solution to a problem, you can start to capture contact details.

With contact details you can start to nurture and support that visitor, becoming a trusted advisor to them and they, in turn, become a valuable new customer to you.

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