Why Your Business Needs Branding

Why Your Business Needs Branding

As a small business to get established and stay ahead of the competition you've got to stand out and be memorable. No one will buy if you can't be differentiated from your competitors or if they can't remember who you were.

To stand out and be memorable, you need a brand. A brand isn't just a logo and a colour scheme, it's the identity or personality of your business and how you want to be seen by your prospective customers. Good branding should trigger an emotional response.

A brand for an outdoor adventure company will be completely different to a brand for an accountancy firm. The former wants to convey edginess, risk taking, adrenaline rushes the latter wants to convey just about the opposite. They both want to be professional, stand out and appeal directly to their potential customers.

It's not just important for customers, its important for your staff and gives them a sense of

Branding isn't just for big business either. No matter what size your business is you need to be recognised and remembered, but key to the mix no matter what your size, is authenticity. Be who you say you are. Focus on what you do best and convey that as part of your brand.

In simple terms, we believe the following are the 6 main reasons all business need branding :

  • to stand out from others
  • to be memorable
  • to be recognisable
  • to connect with customers
  • to give credibility
  • to create loyalty

If people connect with your brand, they buy and they tell their friends and, simply, that's how your business grows.

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