Why Use A Web Design Company?

Why Use A Web Design Company?

Why use a web design company when you can do it yourself or your mother's brother's cousin's kid can create one in their bedroom?

To me, the answer to that question is the same as why my dad doesn't rewire my house, he's not an expert. Whilst he could get a book and research it, he can't obtain experience and it's that experience that allows you to take the right approach and make the right decisions.

If you're good with your computers, you can very easily start building yourself a website, picking fonts and colours, deciding what goes where but do you know the "science" behind what you are doing? Have you got the experience to do it right?

So here's what you do get when using a web design company:


A well-established web company will have a vast experience of clients in different sectors and sizes. Whether this is experience is gained under the current company name or not, the individuals involved will have amassed a great amount of knowledge from their creative careers.


Expertise ensures that a web company will design a great experience for your customers, as well as make sure the website is optimised for search engines, works well on a mobile and incorporates all the other intricacies that are behind the scenes that you may not even know about. For example, building your website based on a grid system to keep it consistent yet flexible, making sure your web pages load quickly by implementing caching etc.


A web design company will endeavour to approach your website with objectivity, in any case, more objectively than those involved directly in the business. This objectivity can help challenge and identify in more depth what is really needed and what the website goals need to be. It can also really help to establish what appeals to the website audience and not the website owner.


A web design company will have a number of people working within it and potentially on your project. All of these people will be invested in doing the best they can but are also encouraged to contribute their ideas. From those with the most experience to those fresh to the industry, this variety of input helps to keep the web design fresh and technical development current.


A small business website is quite often designed and built in a linear process - that's not always the case, but most of our clients prefer that way. This means you know when the website is going to be completed and what is happening along the way. A web company will project manage your website and ensure delivery is as expected, dealing with any unexpected issues or complications along the way.


A web company, even very small, will be able to ensure that an increase in workload or staff illness doesn't detrimentally affect a website project. They will have the experience, processes and people in place to be able to deal with situations like this. As a business owner, making your website, your own paying work is more than likely going to be prioritised.


A most web design companies offer other related services like branding or digital marketing. The fact they have good knowledge of these other key elements is only going to benefit your website and bring even more expertise to the table. They will no doubt pass on advice in guidance on these areas as part of the project. Then if you commission any of these additional services, they already know you and your business well.

Now, of course, we are a web company so this whole article is biased to our service, but it is what you should expect from any web design company.

To learn a little more please go to our detailed information page on small business website design.

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