What Are Twitter Hours?

What Are Twitter Hours?

Twitter hours are a good way of engaging with other business in your locality and nationally too.

The basic idea is for you to tweet about your business at a given time, including the relevant tag for the "event" you want to be part of. All the businesses doing the same thing see your tweet and conversations start to follow.

Alternatively, the host of the Twitter hour may pose a question to get the conversation started, it just depends on how the hour is run, but the premise is normally the same - to be able to talk about your business and meet other businesses.

Aimed at primarily micro and small businesses, Twitter hours are a great way to spread awareness of your business and communicate with others. We regularly take part in local hours for Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall; we've yet to do any more national ones.

Here's a list of some local hours which we've come across which are consistently active:

#eastdevonhour Tuesdays 8pm - 9pm

#TruroHour Tuesdays from 8pm - 9pm

#PlymouthHour Tuesdays 8pm - 9pm

#DuchyBzHour11am Wednesdays 11am - 12pm

#CornwallHour Wednesdays 7.30pm - 8.30pm

#DevonHour Wednesday 8pm - 9pm

#ExeterHour Thursdays 8pm - 9pm

#SouthWestHour Thursdays 8pm - 9pm

#TaviHour every 1st & 3rd Friday 11am - 12pm

If you have any others you like me to add to the list, please just drop me a message at contact@carbon-pixel.com and we'll try and keep this up to date.

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