The Launch of Threads

The Launch of Threads


So the Rumors are true…

Mark Zuckerberg has launched his new social media channel ‘Threads’, which has already had 10 million sign ups in just 1 hour of launching!

It’s been 3 weeks since Threads has launched, while people have been joining in on the hype, it has lacked a few features (which is okay because it’s new)!

Have you seen this funny sign and wonder what on earth is that above people’s Instagram profiles…well that is the link to your friends Threads page embedded to Instagram!



What is Threads?

Threads is an app linked through Instagram, a direct competition against the Twitter platform. The new app is described as short, text based posts (like Twitter), displaying a feed of posts from your following.



Users can like, comment and repost threads just like you can with Twitter. You can set up your Threads profile information to be the same as your Instagram such as bio, profile pic and links.

You must have an Instagram account to join Threads, as the app is connected through the Instagram app and your account. This means you won’t be able to delete your Threads account unless you delete your Instagram account too, so you’re sucked in for life!

There are currently no adverts or hashtags on Threads, which people are loving at the moment. It feels more authentic, as people are desperate to escape from ecommerce, ads and suggested content. No more of those ‘Hi we’ve just come across your profile..’ DMs everyday!

However, this could be something that Mark Zuckerberg could introduce later. It was recently stated by Mosseri that this is only the first version of Threads and they would like to introduce features such as a Follow feed, Graph syncing and possibly messaging.

This image is from Oh Polly, you can see they have started a conversation and people are freely commenting their thoughts. This is a great way for them to find out how to market to their audience on this new app.



Benefits of Threads


We are personally loving the new Threads app so far. It feels more personal to Twitter. Here are some reasons why we are loving the app so far:

  • It’s like one big group chat
  • You can automatically follow all your Instagram followers
  • There are no ads or bots (so far)
  • Really easy to set up
  • More personal and fun than professional like Twitter
  • No need to think about design eye (no grid or video content)
  • Get a conversation going
  • Seeing content from businesses you wouldn’t see elsewhere
  • Great space to test ideas before posting on other platforms
  • No DMs section which we love! (No bots thank you)
  • Good for Instagram growth
  • No need to spend hours creating a design for a post
  • Seeing brands having fun and posting content you wouldn’t normally see on their other platforms.
  • More people are actively putting themselves in front of new people by joining conversations.


Threads Improvements

We understand it is a process to get the app right, especially if it’s only just launched. We believe these may be considered for future updates ahead. Here are some improvements we would like to see when the new features arrive:

  • Your likes section
  • A discover page
  • An edit post button
  • A multi-login
  • Desktop version
  • Translation

Whilst the app has only been around for 3 weeks, it has been announced some new updates and fixtures, including a new follows tab and built-in translation.

Meta has released some new upcoming updates which should be with us soon such as:

  • Enable notifications from accounts you don’t follow
  • Feed scrolling enhancements
  • Option to follow accounts from your followers list
  • Bug fixtures
  • Smaller binary size


We are excited to see what this app with bring us in the future of marketing and what updates will follow. Is anyone else sucked into this app already?!

Fans are saying Threads is like the Taylor Swift of Twitter, which we 100% agree with!

All we can say is good luck to Twitter to fight with this new competitor.