Getting The Best Out Of Google

Getting The Best Out Of Google

As of April 2017, it is documented that Google has 77% of the market share for search.  As it's likely you use it, we’ve collated a few things to get the best out of your searches.

Here's a list of google functions we use regularly:

Search Operators

These are additional characters you can add to your search to make it more specific, just a few are:

“Using Quotes”: searches for the specific phrase contained in the quotes only

OR:  searches for one term or the other

- (minus sign): excludes the term from the results for example, burgers -kfc - this will not return any KFC entries in the results

Search Tools 

You can make your searches specific to your country, or ensure only recent results are returned or even that the search results return entries exactly as you have typed a search word. To do this you will need to click the Tools link which appears after you have initiated a search.

Search for Royalty Free Images

Having instigated an image search, a Settings link appears where you can set various options including language and also access the Advanced Search.

The Advanced search allows you to really refine the specifics you are looking for as well as filter for royalty free images that you can reuse.

To use this filter you will see that towards the bottom is a "usage rights" drop down where you can select Free to use or share, even commercially - ensure this is selected and click the Advanced Search button and the results shown will beavailablee for you to reuse with no worries about legalities.

Quick searches

There are also lots of quick searches that really can provide you with some helpful information, here are just a few:

  • Type “calculator” to get one onscreen
  • Search for “time in <place name>” to get an instant answer
  • Type in a flight number - the top result will be the flight status
  • Set a timer by typing “4 minute timer” or however long you need!