How To Be The Perfect Client

How To Be The Perfect Client

Working with a web design agency can be a completely new experience for some, added to the fact that the language and processes involved are often alien, the whole process can seem like a big headache that any business owner is loathe to take on.

At Carbon Pixel we have a very simple process from start to finish - check out our design infographic to find out more - making sure that as a client you know exactly what we expect of you, as well as what you can expect of us.

That said, to make the process flow easy we given you some tips:

1. Ask questions

If there is something you don't understand or you want to know more about, just ask as soon as the question pops into your head. Leaving questions unasked can leave to small things festering or turning into costly misunderstandings at a later stage, so just ask.

We want you to understand 100% of what we are doing and saying and why we are doing it. Sometimes we may lapse into techie speak, though we will try no to if we've bamboozled you with acronyms, let us know.

Communication really is key to a successful project so always keep talking and asking questions.

2. Take a look at the stuff we send you

We know you're busy and we really will try not to bother you unless we have to but there are times we are really going to need you to take a look at what we send over.

Usually, this will be at the very beginning when we are determining what you need and putting an approach together. We will always send over a Statement of Work document which will hold all the important details as well as costs, which we will ask you to sign. It's important you read through this before signing as it forms the contract for our work.

Whether its a design or a marketing project, we will always send initial visuals, concepts or strategies first. It's important your review these to make sure they are in line with what you are expecting, and so when you get the final deliverables, there are no surprises.

Sometimes you may just be too busy to go through what we send on your own, so we are more than happy to arrange a call or meeting to talk you through if that's quicker and easier for you. We can then get your feedback and comments on the spot and move on to the next stage in the process.

3. Keep us informed

If you're going away or not going to be available for more than a week, let us know as far in advance as possible. This allows us to plan all the important decision-making requirements around your availability.

If there are personnel or team changes your end, just keep us in the loop so we're always able to communicate with the right people.

We know that things happen though and it's not always possible to keep us informed if you can delegate someone to make decisions in any absence, that would be ideal.

4. Trust our expertise & follow our guidance

Whilst the saying is the "customer is always right" you came to us for our expertise so there may be designs or ideas presented that you may not always like but your target audience will be based on our research and expertise.

Sometimes we will all come to a happy compromise and sometimes we won't, it's just the way things are. We will, however, always make sure you have all the facts when making decisions.

We will always provide guidance when the project is over, on how your brand needs to be used, how your website needs to be updated or how your marketing needs to grow and we're never far away if you do have a query.

If you'd like to hear more about how easy working with us is and how we can help your business online, please don't hesitate to get in touch on [email protected] or 01752 651414.