Why Is Print Marketing Still Important In A Digital Age?

Why Is Print Marketing Still Important In A Digital Age?

The dominance of the internet is something that simply cannot be ignored. If companies are to be successful, they need to have an effective website and a strong online presence through Social Media, PPC and SEO.

That said, do not make the mistake of believing this means you should ignore other forms of marketing. The services that are offered by a company are still extremely beneficial, and it would be somewhat stupid to ignore them. 

Print is still a great and effective way to marketing your business and it's services/products. “Print is still a top-of-funnel medium” says Andy Blau, a senior vice president of finance and advertising for New York Based Publisher Time Inc.

Benefits Of Print Over Online Marketing

First and foremost, it is imperative to acknowledge that print marketing holds certain benefits over online advertising, and these are advantages you will certainly want to profit from. The main one is the fact that print items are tangible. With tangibility comes the ability for print to provoke people to engage with the written content, far more so than their digital counterpart.  

If someone takes the time to pick up a magazine or brochure and spend time engaging with it, they are far more likely to be inspired and take action upon what they have read. When a leaflet or a catalogue is posted through your front door, you can pick it up and place it on the coffee table. You can then look through it at a time that is convenient for you. You cannot do this with online marketing. Unless you make the effort to click on the advertisement and bookmark the page, it is unlikely that you will ever go back to it. And how many people can honestly say they bookmark a significant number of pages because of banners? 

Targeting Your Campaign

In addition to this, another key benefit related to print marketing is the fact it provides you with the ability to target your advertising campaign. You can be selective about where your brochures and such like are delivered. Print circulations as a whole may be down globally, however this does mean on a positive side there is a highly engaged readership which can only be a positive trait for advertisers and marketeers worldwide.

For example, if you sell healthy food, you may wish to have your adverts in the form of posters and leaflets displayed in a gym. You cannot control your target advertising audience like this with the online world. You want to reach people where they are and that’s why print is so powerful!

Print Versus Digital Advertising

There are misconceptions around the cost of digital and print marketing. Firstly most believe print ads are far more expensive than digital but in reality the gap is far smaller than you may think. There is strong evidence to suggest consumer engagement with print is far higher than digital advertising and content. Whilst online, readers are likely to be multitasking between different pages whether its social media, the news, emails etc. thus their engagement and retention levels are going to be lower than someone solely engaged with a magazine article without the other distractions.

Print is undoubtedly a trusted and tangible medium that has stood the test of time since its creation, although it has evolved and transitioned due to advances in technology it has without remained a key element of todays world. The key to marketing success is to have a good mix of both online and offline methods.