The Best Hashtags for Every Day of The Week on Twitter & Instagram

The Best Hashtags for Every Day of The Week on Twitter & Instagram

"I want to increase my engagement and brand awareness on Twitter & Instagram" – Something we hear on a daily basis here at Carbon Pixel and we always tell our clients that you can make your brand exposure and engagement rates skyrocket by using trending hashtags.

One of the daily activities any social media manager should do is to look at what's trending around their area and then use those hashtags in their tweets and Instagram posts. Yes, you can argue that you should also have a content calendar in place, but you should still be posting content daily that may not necessarily be in your plan.

There are great hashtags that trend every week, and we call these "Days of the week hashtags" – you have most likely come across many of these such as #motivationalmonday & #throwbackthursday. Think of them as the daily cups of Coffee of the social media world. 

So, let's explore some of the most trending days of the week hashtags.

Monday's Hashtags

#MotivationalMonday or #MondayMotivation

Need we explain this one? – Beat the Monday Blues with a motivational quote, it's like a morning coffee. It's a pick me up.


Let's put the Cat's in the spotlight, the Internet is FULL of Cat memes. If you own a Cat, even better – make it a brand mascot and post cute photos of your pawfect friend. Don't worry if you prefer dog's, there's a day of the week hashtag for that too!


This expresses grief, such as waking up and returning to work for the week. But don't be too negative, show some positive thoughts that reflect on the dreaded Monday Blues.


This works great if your brand can relate to music, which guess what – every brand can, no doubt there's a song that sums up your brand's core principles. Music Monday is your chance to share music with your followers. Perhaps you could use #MusicMonday to promote your work lifestyle and introduce a new playlist to your followers and office?

#MCM or #ManCrushMonday

If you've got a strong female or gay following this is a great hashtag, post a photo of your man crush for the week (this is usually photo's of ripped celebrities) these work well to engage a specific audience and creates a talking point between your customers. Because who doesn't LOVE Tom Hardy? – But remember to keep it professional.

Tuesday's Hashtags


This is a great way to share something informative, offer your followers a tip that could help them out in some capacity, such as a "Life Hack" or just some general knowledge that may just blow their mind.

#TransformationTuesday or #TFT

Tuesday is for transforming yourself. Show a before and after shot. This works well if you have just released a new website, logo or introduced new products or even decorated your shop!


Monday is done and dusted, we've forgotten about it. Tuesday is for sharing mind-boggling or positive thoughts


If you're a business that relates to Travel, this is a great hashtag to post a breath-taking view or plug your products perfect for travel.

#TongueOutTuesday or #TOT

This can go one of two ways, you can share a selfie of you with your tongue out, but let's not beat around the bush here, nobody will care. Post a pic of your furry companion poking their tongue out and that way you'll get more shares, retweets, comments and likes!

Wednesday's Hashtags


Without a doubt our favourite trending hashtag – Post a pic of your office dogs, a family dog, neighbours dog, or even some products perfect for pooches. Basically DOGS!

#HumpDay or #HappyHumpDay

The lull of the week when everyone starts counting down to the weekend. Share something to keep people going, or to hype them up for the weekend, or even to help ease the week that's currently dragging?


Monday is all about Men, Wednesday is all about the Women. Rose Byrne anyone?


Get your sweat on – share something to inspire healthy living, a gym session or plug your health-related products, or share a funny gym fail!

Thursday's Hashtags

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT

One of the most popular trending hashtags on Twitter & Instagram. This is all about heading down memory lane. This is a great hashtag to show how far your business has grown.


This is a great trending hashtag to use if you have an event coming up that you need more customers to attend.


A great hashtag to show your customers and clients how thankful you are for their business.

Friday's Hashtags


Another popular trending hashtag, this is all about hyping up the weekend

#FF or #FollowFriday

This trend is all about mentioning other businesses or accounts you love to your followers to help them increase their following – Try and get tagged in a follow Friday as much as possible ;)


Created a killer blog post? This trending hashtag is a great way to promote your latest post to Twitter & Instagram

Saturday's Hashtags


Like #MeowMonday but on a Saturday. Cats get all the glory on the Internet


This is all about sharing the swag you've collected on Saturday, it's also a great way to promote your products to those users looking to shop till they drop.


AND THE AIR IS GETTING HOT… This is all about letting loose and enjoying your Saturday night. Post something fun and exciting.

Sunday's Hashtags

#SS or #SelfieSunday

This may not suit all businesses, but this is about sharing Selfies – perhaps post a photo of the latest haircut you've given a customer?


This is all about having FUN! – Post something that's going to make customers want to come to you.


Basically, a hashtag for those people who are recovering from Saturday Night. This is a great way to promote new items on your menu or to promote a breakfast/lunch offer to locals.

So, why use Hashtags for days of the week?

In order for us to really answer this question, let's break down the reasons why you SHOULD use hashtags for days of the week.

  • Creative and Fun Filled Approach

Hashtags for days of the week are always a fun and creative way for you to interact with your audience, there are so many hilarious videos, gif's and meme's that are suited to these hashtags. Plus, some are so relatable – like feeling that excitement for the weekend on a Friday, feeling blue on a Monday and overjoyed that it's Hump Day and you can get away with saying "Happy Hump Day" all day long. Plus, it shows a fun side to your brand – it gives you personality.

  • Higher User Engagement

Putting days of the week hashtags in your posts automatically makes your post highly engaging to your users. People love to share, comment and like this kind of content because it's relatable. Being relatable is key now, people are more likely to buy from your business if they relate to you. In a nutshell, if you get the content right it creates shareability and escapism and that's something people lap up.

  • Trending Hashtags for Outreach

Hashtags for days of the week relate to a theme. This is the reason why they are the most trending hashtags and are a key player in providing brand exposure.

Posting funny tweets, amusing photos or videos and meme's on Twitter & Instagram with relevant and trending content and hashtags make your posts widely relatable to everyone and with thanks to the incredible algorithms Instagram & Twitter provide these posts become visible to everyone at the tap of a button.

  • Represent your brand as an expert

Another reason is that it allows your brand to show its expertise, some days of the week's hashtags would work well with informative content such as infographics and tips. 

We recommend making sure you plan content with as many of these trending hashtags as possible, but also look at what's trending around your local area and jumping in on the bandwagon as early as possible.

Remember, social media is all about connecting with an existing and new audience and building engagement. It's a great brand awareness tool.

If you need help thinking of something witty or need help putting together a content calendar then give us a call on 01752 651414 or email us at [email protected] and we'd be more than happy to offer a helping hand.