Mountain Climbing #Digitaldetox

Mountain Climbing #Digitaldetox

With the summer upon us, now seemed like a good time to climb a Welsh mountain or so Shane and I thought.

Under the guidance of our Royal Marine guide (Sergeant Duncan in law) and accompanied by my sister and our faithful hounds we managed to climb the highest peak in the Brecon Beacons and cycle round a reservoir during a stay in the lovely village of Pencelli.

Whilst a great achievement for us incredibly unfit individuals to climb Pen Y Fan, it’s a walk in the park (literally) for most, we also spent two days with no digital or phone access - an enforced #digital detox. After the initial shock (and getting lost before we even arrived at the cottage as Google Maps on your phone just doesn’t work when out of range) the pleasure of such a situation gradually sank in.

The constant need to locate and check my phone embedded away; I no longer needed to feel current by checking social media and the news sites fearing I was missing out. I enjoyed the company I was in, the surroundings, the Welsh country air, the aching muscles and sunburn - the last two not so much.

I didn’t feel the need to instantly validate my experience by posting it on social media and having it liked (or not). I enjoyed the moments for myself and with those physically with me, without digital distractions. I didn’t care what anyone else thought or what they were doing, I was enjoying myself, my moments.

My phone went flat, so what, no race to find a charger needed. I was relaxed and happy.

BUT, as soon as we get back, the phone is charged, what do I - fire up the social media and post away!

Is it showing off? Is it seeking to be current? Is it wanting people to be envious? Is it just wanting to share an experience?

I really don’t think I can’t answer that - but what I can say is if the opportunity comes to have some days away from the digital world, try it; envelope yourself in your surroundings, enjoy the moments you are in for what they are - your moments which deserve your undivided attention; you can always post about it another day!