Attention To Detail In Web Design

Attention To Detail In Web Design

We put a huge emphasis on attention to detail and quality at Carbon Pixel. Our years of experience have taught us, that in the end a quality product or service is what keeps your clients coming back time and again as well as referring you on to their friends and colleagues.

Our quality approach means we take great care in the design and build of our websites to ensure they meet agreed requirements, industry recommendations and endeavour to exceed client expectations.

We meticulously refer back to the website aims and target audience to keep everything on track. When working on the web design we look at every aspect and every feature on its own, as well as part of the whole website. We look at spacing, font, alignment, contrast, colour, consistency, content and much more to bring excellence to your website. Once built we thoroughly test and check the websites across devices and browsers. We get feedback from individuals unrelated to the project to get an objective view and ensure we look at the usability of the website to all platforms. We do all this before giving you the first look and inviting your feedback and comments.

We apply the same quality approach across all our services from animation to digital marketing - we strive for perfection. An animation which stutters or a tweet with a typo or broken link is not something we'd be happy with.

A quality approach means, for us, cost and time savings as we don't have to spend time and effort sorting issues at a later stage - nor lose credibility. We don't rush out our websites so careless mistakes are avoided, but that doesn't mean we are slow. Our project planning allows us to accurately estimate and plan every website development we do.

In an industry with lots of competitors, our attention to detail is one of the ways we stand out, not just in our solutions but in our customer service and working practices. All our solutions are project managed but even before we're commissioned we ensure that all your dealings with us are of the highest standard, we call you back when we say we will, we give you the information you ask for, we listen when you talk.

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