FAQ: What Is Accessibility?

FAQ: What Is Accessibility?

In our series of frequently asked questions, we explore some of the terms you may hear in relation to website design - what is accessibility? Accessibility refers to the practise of making your website available to users of all abilities and disabilities.

Well designed websites allow everyone to enjoy their content. There are various techniques and guidelines which help make website content accessible.

We've listed some of the guidelines here:

  • Ensuring images are described with alternative text, known as “alt” text
  • Ensuring all website functionality can be accessed via the keyboard only
  • Providing descriptive information for links
  • Ensuring adequate contrast between background and text
  • Providing captions and transcripts for video
  • Providing transcripts for podcasts

More detailed information can be found on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) website in particular on the Web Accessibility Initiative page.