Logo & Branding - Cornwall

The client approached us with a need to bring two separate healthcare businesses, each covering different regions of Cornwall, together.

We sat down and discussed a number of approaches as both businesses already had their own identities.

It was decided that a branded house approach would be taken, meaning that there would be one visual identity followed by each of the businesses.

Using the branded house approach allows the reach and recognition of both businesses to cover the whole of Cornwall, not just each business' respective area.

A number of concepts and colour options were created and discussed.

The final decision was made for a logo mark of a contemporary rose. Previously Alexandras Community Care had used a red Tudor rose and it was felt important to retain a similarity.

We updated the red previously used to have pinker hues and included a non-colour version for printing.

The updated logo marks were combined with an updated font and strapline, to create a recognisable logo providing instant information to viewers.

Alexandras & Westcountry Home Care stationery
Alexandras and Westcountry logo
Alexandras & Westcountry Home Care horizontal logo
Alexandras & Westcountry Home Care logo options
Alexandras Community Care roll up banner