Animation & Illustration


With video content being the most consumed content on the internet, animation is a great medium to engage and tell a story to your audience.

Animation isn't all about kids, cartoons and big screen films either. A very simple animation can help your audience understand your product or service more easily gently encouraging them to buy from you.


Some of the biggest brands in the world use illustration in their logo’s. Look at MailChimp.

Bringing illustration to your brand makes your content more engaging, gives your business a more memorable personality and can make complex information informaiton easier to understand.

Our experience

We've worked with global companies to create characters to help induct new employees and mass created technical ship workings to populate elearning courses.

We've created infographics for communicating internal processes for staff as well illustrating statistics to make the information more palatable.

Bringing character & personality, animation & illustration help you engage with your audience, leaving them with a memorable experience.